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The workshop of Alexander Ivanovich Cheburkov is located in the ancient Russian city of Pavlovo, on the Oka river, 420 kilometers East of Moscow. The workshop was founded in 2001. Pavlovo-historically formed city, where for a long time lived and worked masters who made knives, scissors and locks. Our workshop is engaged in production of high-quality folding knives, knives for fishing and tourism. We work on high-tech equipment using high quality and new steels and materials. But the main thing for us is the hands of the master. Each knife is collected from beginning to end. When you take the knife in your hands, you can feel the indescribable energy of the knife and the warmth of the hands of the master who made this knife! The cheburkov workshop proved in Russia as knives of a workshop of the highest quality. Since 2015, our workshop has reached the international level and won the love and trust in other countries such as France, Germany, Italy, Spain, Austria, USA.

Pays :Russie
Adresse :Nizhny Novgorod
606100 PAVLOVO
Téléphone :+7 831 713 28 16

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