Through the « village coutelier », Coutellia offers animations during the weekend. You will discover an exhibition of former knives, demonstrations of forge, the possibility of creating your own knife, the presentation of sharpening, the initiation to the forge and many other activities will be offered to the public.

Forge initiation

Forge initiation

Since 2019, you can now introduce you to this ancestral art. With instructions of the “confrérie du couteau LE THIERS®”, you will have the unique opportunity to forge your own knife blade. During 1h30, with a teacher, you will discover the delicate management of the fire and to apprehend the technical specifications.

Gold thread embroidery demonstration

The « Grenadières du Haut-Forez » association will present you the art of emboiderer in golden thread. A legacy of nearly two centuries of know-how that begun in the heart of Thiers country.

Forge demonstration

Organised by « la confrérie du couteau LE THIERS® », forge demonstrations are held outdoors during the weekend. At the rhythm of the hammers hitting the anvil, you will discover the technical specifications behind a beautiful blade as well as the know-how of the blacksmith.

Old knives exhibition

Old knives exhibition

Find an entire exhibition dedicated to the presentation and resale of old knives. Come and admire these pieces in the heart of the « village coutelier ».


« Les Rasophiles » are collectors, researchers of the history of shaving and its manufacturers. Each year they present razors and miniature razors and also offer old-fashioned shaving with a straight razor.

Knife assembly

« La confrérie du couteau » offers you during the weekend the creation of your personalized Thiers. Equipped with a protected apron and guided by an animator, you will realize a unique piece.


The « vieilles lames » association presents numerous tools and machines used before the electricity, with the vision of gestures and process of knife manufacturing and provides demonstration on knife assembly, polishing and sharpening.

Corkscrew manufacturing

The corkscrew is at the same time simple object by its creation of bold forms but also enhanced by the implementation of new materials by mixing sculpture, engraving, forging or other know-how. An animation led by the « Confrérie du Tire-Bouchon. »

Cutting and culinary arts

In partnership with the magazine Le Petit Gourmet, you will find a culinary space where cutting shows, recipes and tastings will be on the programme.

Scrimshaw and engraving demonstration

Scrimshaw and engraving demonstration

Stand dedicated to the demonstration of  engraving and scrimshaw where culters succeed each other on the stand in order to show their skills and offer a beautiful show to the public.

Cutting competition

Knifenet is an association of apprentice cutlers with the desire to create links between apprentices from different regions of the world. This year 8 candidates compete to cut a maximum of objects in a minimum of shots!

Sharpening and extension of metals

On a dedicated stand, the « fédération française de coutellerie » will offer lectures led by culters and industrialists from the region of Thiers.

Cultery capital / guest honnor

Albacete is a cutlery region in Spain. In 2019, COUTELLIA decided to honour the expertise of this Spanish city by dedicating a stand to it. A collection of trades, crafts or industrial, complementary or related to the knife activity.