After the creation of the Village Coutelier in 2015, then the First World Capitals of Cutlery Meeting in 2016, the First Worldwide Cutlery Collection in 2018, the Damascus World Cup, which will be launched in 2022, the organizing committee wishes to go further and continue to honour its exhibitors by launching the Coutellia Innovation Awards as a preamble to the 2022 edition.

This time, it is Coutellia’s «Suppliers» exhibitors that these Awards are intended to reward, in order to highlight their best innovations at the service of the Cutlery sector.

These Awards will be presented by a jury of professionals from the Cutlery industry, representatives of professional organizations and partners of Coutellia in April 2022!

Laureates 2022

1 Stone

pierre la lune

1 Stone wants to put up-to-date back a forgotten material. After 6 years geological searches and old mine survey, he could finally find the rock “La Lune”, a rock that is produced only by one mine to this day. Now, he proposes a 100% French product through the rock “La Lune”.

the + : handmade product that can compete with factories that produce assembly-line work.

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Pearly horn

The goal is to recycle the waste of products produced when we work horn. Thanks to “Pearly Horn”, a new material is created. A material built with the waste of horn, reduced into sparkles, which is mixed with BIO epoxy resin loaded with pearly tint.

the + : recycle the waste usually unusable.

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Sharpening machine

This machine can sharpen and polish every hard steel like carbon, and Kataba’s asymetric blades.

the + : can sharpen every kind of knife.

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Who can participate?

Exhibitors registered in « Suppliers » category for the next edition of Coutellia in 2022 and who want to promote a technological innovation intended for the world of the Cutlery.

Which innovation to present?

Innovation can concerned a product or a service created after the 1rst January 2019.

When will the Awards be awarded?

A jury of cutlery professionals will in March and will award 3 Coutellia Innovation Awards, which will award before the 15th April 2022.

The jury will must comply with complete confidentiality on the candidates’ files

Communication of laureates

The laureates will be annouced the 20th April 2022 and they could communication of this award before Coutellia 2022 with a communication kit that will be send to them.

The organization of Coutellia will also make a specific communication on its side with the highlighting of the winners and their Innovation, on: the social networks of the festival, the press kit, the website of Coutellia, the catalog exhibitors given to the visitors, the exhibiting signage of each laureate, as well as a trophy.

Obligation for the laureates

The laureates will must present their award innovation on their stand during the 2022 edition of Coutellia.

The laureates exhibitors will not be able to cancel their participation in Coutellia 2022 after the announcement of their award.

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