For the 30th anniversary of Coutellia, in 2021, a contest was created at the end of the 2018’s year.
The contest was to promote young cutlers of Thiers and the cutlery’s knowledge.

the board selected the knife “Aigà” which was created by Pierre Thomas of the Atelier Odae.

The knife "Aigà"

Technical information

  • Dimensions: close : 11.4cm ; open : 21.5cm
  • Mechanism: lockback
  • Materials: blade and lockback in stainless damascus
  • Chiselled plates in etched titanium (coloured)
  • Handle in stabilized and coloured mammoth ivory
  • Bolster in stainless damascus
  • Inserts: Auvergne’s sapphire
  • Spikes in gold wire and platinium which represent a clock

(The hour to read on the handle is 11:20)

Approach of creativity

On this knife, the cutler tried to join the modernity of the Thiers’ knife, the ancestral knowledge of Thiers’ city, the beauty of the Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes region with his vision of the cutlery’s elegance. On the ancestral’s aspect, he chose the mechanism of “cran d’arrêt à pompe“. It proved since centuries his complexity to create it and his fiability.

For Pierre, the region of Auvergne, it is in first way “The Chaîne des Puys”. We can see it on the blade with somes effects. The Auvergne’s sapphires which could pick upin a little river are now on bolsters of the knife.

Pierre Thomas, Atelier Odae

Passionate by the History and cutlery, Pierre went in the forge and the work of steel to create his first blades. Quickly, this passion evoluted toward pure cutlery and the work very meticulous.

He has a good professional experience in artisanal cutlery and art, he is eager to create products of great qualities.

He created his own cutlery’s shop, the “Atelier Ôdae”, in 2017 and to highlight his experience he makes his own models of folding knives like the “piémontais” until exceptionnal products (complex mechanism, precious materials, slim decoration, …).